How to Create Account

How to Create a New Account

-Click on the Sign Up in the upper left-hand corner of your web browser. (Mobile users can click the menu on the top right and choose the Sign Up link) Parents MUST HAVE their own account before registering their children!

-Create an account by adding your email address and desired password. Activate your account by checking your email and clicking the link

-Login using the password you provided once activated, complete your profile with phone number and click save

*Please note that participants are the players

Be sure to opt in to the LYBSA club when creating your account to receive important emails from LYBSA!

New Participant (players) page

-Add name/birthdate of player (participant).

-Continue adding participants by clicking on the + sign. *Please note that below each participant there is a profile and registration icon.

-When registrations are live, click on the registration icon to choose the appropriate registration for your player.

If you want to add another parent or guardian to your participant's account, navigate to your account and click on your participant's profile. Then click on "add" and enter the email address of the parent/guardian. They will get an email invitation to create an account and be linked to your participant. This must be completed for each child.

Be sure to opt in to the LYBSA club when registering participants to receive important emails from LYBSA!

Confirm Delete
Click the delete icon again to confirm. Click escape to cancel.